Accounting Services

Accountants measure, track and report on financial information so that resource allocation decisions can be made intelligently not by seat of the pants.

Bookkeeping is the only way to know where You and Your business stand in the great scheme of things.

In place systems should be re-evaluated periodically

In place systems should be re-evaluated periodically. Business Systems Services are focused on matching innovative software tools for accounting and business management to support our client’s success.

Small Business – Creating Communities

If you operate your own small business, you may be able to do just fine with some accounting software. Take a look around for some flowchart templates.

These can make monthly financial recording and reporting, dare I say it, fun.

Simply enter in the various types of income and expenses, then each subsection updates the appropriate fields. Before you know it you’ve got proof that all bills have been allotted for and you’ve got your bottom line.

Accounting Management Services

The range of tasks faced by business owners often exceeds their talents and knowledge.

They require consultation with another business person.

Accounting Management Consulting Services allow the business owner additional resources on an as needed basis

Jack Says It Like This

If you find you can manage your business finances on your own, then, by all means, stick with the system that you know works for you. If, however, you start running into complications that make it hard for you to see where discrepancies are coming from, it may be time to enlist the services of a professional accountant.

A further distinction is that, unlike most accounting firms where the actual work done for clients is performed by the least expensive (a.k.a. least experienced) staff person available, at Jack M Bleiberg, CPA, all services are either rendered by Jack Bleiberg personally, or, if specialists are used, closely managed by him.

Having your accounting work passed off to a less experienced subordinate does not provide the best quality of service to you. That can become very expensive in the long run.

Jack makes himself available to all of his clients at all times, to discuss any business problems that may arise. In addition to traditional accounting and tax services, Jack’s extensive experience across a wide spectrum of businesses allow him to provide exceptional advisory services in the areas of business strategy, planning, infrastructure, processes, controls system and accountability.

Jack Bleiberg CPA, Recognizes That It Is Not Enough To Just Record History.