Federal, State, Local Governments are experiencing severe financial shortfalls.

You Should seek Jack Bleiberg for Assistance Maximizing your After Tax Income.

Tax Services

This Group is primarily comprised of:

Individual Taxes, Tax laws change often, even during the year.

This year, changes are expected to be rampant. 

Even in the more stable times, it is hard for you to keep up.

This firm keeps abreast of those changes with special attention to those that will affect our clientele.

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Business Taxes

Whether your business is incorporated, a partnership, LLC, LLP, or a sole proprietorship (“Schedule C”), the ever changing foundation of laws must be reviewed on an ongoing basis to assure that you are maximizing your after tax dollar.

Merely filling in a form is not sufficient.

Hiring a professional tax accountant can assure that you have the advantage of all deductions and credits available to you.

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Estates and Trusts

Estates and Trusts are typically structured by attorneys.

Jack Bleiberg works closely with several attorneys to meet the specific needs of the clients, then prepares the necessary filings annually.

IRS and State Representation

 Through the experience gained in dealing with many taxing authorities, this firm, offers a level of competence that can ensure you are being properly represented before the various federal and state tax agencies.

This firm is experienced with Individual, Business, Estate and Trust Tax.

All too often, their solution is to either raise existing taxes or to find new taxes to assess.

Changes to tax laws are made constantly, sometimes retroactively.

We cannot avoid being subject to these laws. We can, however, strive to minimize their impact.

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